Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mid-Air Sustainability: Answers

When you jump off a cliff, metaphorically speaking, -- like take a risk, large or small -- how do you sustain yourself? How do you keep from flailing?

Many people take leaps and fall apart at the seams. There are parts of us we need to sustain, like eating, sleeping, breathing, not ending up a complete wreck in the process... There are so many ways of sustaining our selves, our bodies, in the process.

What tools do you use? Often when we take a risk, leap into the air, many things may happen: we get stressed, we may get physically tight, feel anger or fear, have digestive issues or sleep problems, etc. How do you keep the balance? Sustain yourself? We all have tools in the toolbox... What are yours?

Various answers:

Breathe, yoga, Nia, laugh, cry
close your eyes
make sure there's a soft landing
wine, sex, exercise, spend time with kids
faith, trust, gratitude
stay with your truth
support from friends!
talk it out with girlfriends
eat comfort food; make sure you eat well
use more energy; use less
use our voices!

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